Jill Cantor-Lee
Jill Cantor-Lee Jill Cantor-Lee

(Written by one client after a long term client had a life threatening stroke)

June 29, 2006
To Whom it May Concern,

For the past four years, I have had the honor of knowing Bobby Hanley as a friend and fellow dressage enthusiast. Having grown up in the dressage world, I have never met a woman so enthralled with watching her horse Romeo exhibit his artistry. What was also truly remarkable was the relationship that Bobby established with both Romeo and his long time trainer Jill Cantor. Every time Bobby would visit Romeo her eyes would literary light up as she watched her horse dance across the arena with Jill on his back. She is so proud of the talent of her horse and the talent and kindness of Jill as a rider. Bobby recognized that it was Jill's talent that enabled Romeo to offer such expressive movements that are truly the essence of Dressage.

Bobby was event more delighted by Jill and Romeo's competitive success. Jill and Romeo are an incredibly beautiful pair to watch in th dressage arena. A multitude of judges recognized the beauty of this partnership and rewarded Jill and Romeo with scores consistently in the 70's, averages that are practically unheard of in our sport. When Bobby could come to watch competitions, she would jump up and down like a little gild, so excited to see the compete and win together and when she couldn't attend an event , she would be on the phone minutes after Romeo and Jill's ride wanting to hear of their success.

Bobby is in love with her horse Romeo and, most importantly, in love with what Jill and Romeo create together. To honor Bobby is to allow this partnership to continue. Romeo has been in Jill's care for the past eight years and they have a bond that is also rare and beautiful. Jill provides Romeo with the best care, facility, feed, veterinary care and farrier care available. She also treats him honestly and kindly as a rider and Romeo is a sweet happy horse because of his bond with Jill.

Judea Franck
USDF Silver Medalist

June 29, 2006
Re:  Jill Cantor Lee – Dressage Trainer and Instructor

To whom it may concern:

This letter serves as a letter of reference for Jill Cantor Lee.   My name is Erika Murphy and I have known Jill for over 3 years both professionally and personally.   I began working with Jill in November 2003 when I came to her barn to take some basic dressage lessons over a month period.  I found her to be an amazing teacher and able to convey riding concepts in a very easily understood manner.  Because of the results of my education in that month, I switched completely to dressage (from jumping) and have been training with her ever since.  Since that time, the quality of my riding and the level of my horses have improved dramatically.

Jill is one of the most talented riders and trainers in the country and her accomplishments speak for themselves.  I have followed her career at the regional and national levels from RMDS Championships, to Delmar National, to Dressage at Devon.  She has repeatedly won top honors, high points, and Horse of the Year awards.  Her emphasis is not on winning, but rather training horses to their full potential using a systematic, kind teaching methodology; nothing is forced or rushed, so the end results speak for themselves.  She is known for excellent training and riding by many of her professional peers, and her clients remain loyal and consistent over the years.

I have two horses in full training with her currently and trust her judgment for their care implicitly.  Due to my work schedule, I am not always available to take on the responsibility for vet care follow up, special feeding requirements, etc.   I can count on Jill and her team to care for my horses with the highest level of  personal attention and quality then I have found anywhere else.  Jill stays in regular contact and provides advice and recommendations as needed.  She coordinates vet visits and barn care to ensure my horses are in peak health.

Lastly, I value Jill as a friend and person.  She is a person who cares deeply about her horses and clients and invests her time and energy to see that we reach our goals.  In addition, she is committed to making the sport of dressage more honorable through her work with Horses for Humanity and other charities.  She has incredible integrity and it’s a pleasure to know and work with her.  

I would recommend Jill as a trainer and instructor to anyone who wants to learn, be involved with, or simply promote the beauty of dressage.

Erika K. Murphy

June, 30, 2006

Dear Nancy,
Jill cantor Lee has been an equestrian colleague and valued friend for 15 years. I am on the faculty of the United States Dressage Federation instructor/trainer certification program. In the workshops I lead for USDF, I frequently find myself quoting Jill and her belief that ‘we ride as who we are>” In light of this statement, any reference for a dressage trainer is by definition a character reference.

Jill is a remarkable dressage rider, trainer, and competitor in that she is able to bring horses to their full potential, compete them successfully, and do so in the most collaborative with both horses and their owners. She has excellent reputation iat a high level in the sport. She maintains good long term relations with fellow professionals and with her clients through her kindness, honesty, and hard work. I know through first hand experience and through many heartfelt conversations that Jill has the utmost concern for the wellbeing of the horses in her care and the clients she works with. Barbara and Romeo, in particular, have been very special to Jill, and as a team have experienced much success and great pleasure.

Several years ago I sent my beloved Grand Prix stallion, who had been in training with me for 13 years to Jill. I could send him to Jill because I knew he would have joyful training for the remainder of his active life and the best possible care throughout his retirement.

I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Jill as a rider and trainer and as a person. Jill does ride as who she is, and that is a good thing for all horses and people who share the horse world with her.

Rachel Satory Saavedra

130 North Tenth
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

RE: Major Lindgren Scholarship-Recommendation for Jill Cantor

Dear Sirs,
I come to you with a fifty-year background involving horses and as current President of the Grand Valley Dressage Association (GVDS) in Colorado. I have been out of town to pick up horses coming form the Netherlands and at a Kuering in Utah so was unable to include my recommendation with Jill’s original application. However, having promised her my recommendation, here it is and I hope I am not tool late.

Although I have know Jill Cantor for slightly less than a year, she has impressed me as a serious and determined young horsewoman, dedicated to the promotion of the Dressage discipline.

I have observed Jill’s personal performances, as well as those of her students at shows sponsored by GVDS and at Dalwhinnie Farms in Ridgway and, I must say that she has certainly raised the caliber of riding on the Western Slope. In addition to training her own horses and those of others, she also teaches Dressage at Dalwhinnie to not only local residents of the barn, but also others that trailer in, and conducts clinics throughout the Western Slope. As recognition of her expertise and gracious willingness to share her knowledge increases, her popularity as an instructor has increased, not just here in Colorado, but in surrounding states as well.

Jill has been a great asset to the Dressage discipline and promoter of the finest skills in horsemanship on the Western Slope. She is hungry for more knowledge, continuing education and training to not only improve and increase her own skills, but to provide new and better information for her own students. I heartily recommend that JillCantor receive the Major Lindgren Scholarship.

M.W. Rhodes

From a letter from Monty Roberts concerning Jill
“….seldom have I seen a young person of her caliber that I have wanted to give such a  high recommendation to.  She is very special.”

Jill Cantor-Lee